FREE EQ Plugin with Computer Music issue 243 – OverTone DSP AF2-10-CM

A British developer with a penchant for analogue modelling, OverTone DSP now boast a sizeable catalogue of classic EQ and dynamics emulation plugins. AF2-10-CM is the exclusive Computer Music edition of the company’s AF2-10 Graphical EQ plugin. All nine of the full version’s filter types are included, as are its slick, mouse-driven workflow and, most importantly, fantastic sound.

Check out the video above to get a feel for how AF2-10-CM handles its signal-shaping duties, and get the plugin for free with your print or digital copy of Computer Music issue 243.


  • Four bands of analogue-modelled parametric EQ
  • Nine filter types selectable for each band
  • Tweak gain for each band by up to +/-24dB
  • Zooming display to get a closer look at your EQ curve
  • Flat and Clear buttons to reset plugin to different states
  • Resizeable plugin interface
  • Output Gain control for final levelling and compensation
  • Four factory presets and four user preset slots available

If you're into the sweet curves of AF2-10-CM, try out the full commercial version AF2-10, which adds six more frequency bands (making it up to ten in total) and a real-time FFT visual analyser (switchable between pre and post processing), while the bundled AF2-10M also throws in professional-quality pre/post VU, PPM and dBFS metering. The pair can be yours for £48, bought directly from the OverTone DSP website. 


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