Xmas comp goodies

Enter TG's bumper Xmas competition HERE and you could win this amazing list of guitary goodies!

Enter TG's bumper Xmas competition HERE and you could win this amazing list of guitary goodies!

Orange Music Electronic Company Ltd 020 8905 2828/www.orangeamps.com

Orange Tiny Terror Combo £439

IK Multimedia UK 01223 234414/www.ikmultimedia.com

IK Multimedia Total Guitar & Bass Bundle £400

John Hornby Skewes 0113 2865381/www.jhs.co.uk

JHS Christmas Stocking £39.99

Danelectro Cool Cat Drive £29.99

Danelectro Cool Cat Vibe £49.99

Rockfield Pickups 01376 550033/www.rockfieldpickups.com

Rockfield Mafia Pickups Rosetti LTD £39.95 each

Roland UK 01792 702701/www.roland.co.uk

Boss Fender ’59 Bassman £116

Boss Deluxe Reverb Pedals £116

Electro Harmonix www.ehx.com

Electro-Harmonix Memory Man £130

Line 6 01327 302700/www.line6.com

Line 6 JM4 Looper £257

Summerfield Musical Instruments 0191 414 9000/www.daddario.com

D’Addario accessories £100

Barnes And Mullins 01691 652449/www.faithguitars.co.uk

Faith Venus Electro Acoustic £499

Arbiter Music Group 020 8207 7860/www.nativeinstruments.com

Native Instruments Guitar Rig Session £199

Black I Distribution 01236 861261/www.blacki.eu

Spear RT-ST £399

Korg UK 01908 857100/www.voxamps.com

4 Vox Amplugs £35 each

Pitchjack £17.95

2 Curly Cables £20 each

Selectron UK 01795 419460/www.espguitars.com

ESP T-Shirts

Shiner Distribution: 01179 556035/www.shiner-distribution.co.uk

Draven DP Disaster Skate Shoes

Roadrunner Records www.roadrunnerrecords.co.uk

Signed posters, signed singles and band t-shirts (Dream Theater, Trivium, Sanctity, Madina Lake and much more!)

Properganda www.properganda.co.uk

Grey Rock N’ Roll Saved My Life Plant shirt

Brown Rock N’ Roll Saved My Life JC shirt

Remnant clothing www.remnantclothing.com

Iron Fist t-shirt

Rockett t-shirt

Verse t-shirt

Vans 0208 846 8267/www.vans.co.uk

Iron Maiden Hi-tops

Rockstar Clothing: www.rockstarclothing.co.uk

CBGB t-shirt

Kiss t-shirt

Frank Zappa t-shirt

T-Rex t-shirt

Duff Press www.duffpress.co.uk

In Flames t-shirts

Sonic Syndicate t-shirt

Nuclear Blast t-shirt

Joe Browns: 01132 346070/www.joebrowns.co.uk

Fender Guitar t-shirt

Hendrix t-shirt

Clash t-shirt

Ed Stone: www.ed-stone.com

I Love Thrash t-shirt

Ed Stone t-Shirt

Drop Dead Clothing: 01142 903613/www.iheartdropdead.com

Camouflage hoody

Human insides t-shirt

Purple logo t-shirt

Wolf’s head logo t-shirt

Black skull logo t-shirt

Multi-coloured girls hoody

6x packs of badges

Logo stickers