Samplebase Microbeats

The loops themselves range from breakbeats to crazy electronic-style mashups packed with bonkers FM noises.

The amount that you can tweak them depends on whether you use the free or Pro version of the Satellite player, but even using the free one, this pack represents decent value.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Inspirational. Good price.


Electroheads only.


If you're looking for some crazy sounds, this little package might do the trick!


Microbeats delivers high quality, micro-edited rhythms developed with cutting-edge audio manipulation tricks. In the vein of such artists as The Glitch Mob, Modeselektor, Tipper and Aphex Twin, who put stutter edits on the map. Microbeats delivers a set of stuttering and computer controlled beats that are crafted with a careful eye and ear for details. Extra attention was given to clear transient-response and wide frequency sounds, utilizing the entire audio spectrum.





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