What's the best DAW in the world today?

Which is your favourite?

A term as prosaic as 'digital audio workstation' doesn't really do modern-day music production software justice. Not only do our DAWs enable us to 'work' with audio (and MIDI, for that matter), but they give us the freedom to bend, twist and process it to our will, endowing us with creative options that pro producers of yesteryear could barely even have dreamed of.

All DAWs are great, then, but which do you think is the greatest? Which one presents you with all the features you need and provides you with the quickest route from idea to finished track?

Now, as every year, MusicRadar is giving you the chance to have your say, as we open up our 2016 poll to find the best DAW in the world today. Yes, you could just argue that the only 'best' DAW is the one that you're the most productive in, but where's the fun in that?

Put your click in the appropriate box below, and we'll bring you the results in a couple of weeks.