Musikmesse 08: DS-10 puts a Korg synth in your Nintendo DS

AQ Interactive to release revolutionary 'video game'

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DS-10 puts a classic analogue synth in a handheld console.
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There's plenty of sound-shaping potential.
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Notes are entered using the stylus.
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The synths can be patched using virtual cables.

While games such as Guitar Hero demonstrate that the boundaries between video games and music making applications are blurring, up until now, no established synth manufacturer had authorised a console version of one of its products.

That’s all changed at Musikmesse 08, though, where a company called AQ Interactive is showcasing what appears to be an officially sanctioned version of Korg’s MS-10 for the Nintendo DS.

Known, predictably enough, as the Korg DS-10, this features two patchable, dual-oscillator analogue synth emulations. There’s a four-part drum machine, too, while the inclusion of a six-track, 16-step sequencer means that the software can be used not just to create sounds, but also to produce finished tracks.

AQ Interactive’s website

For now, we suggest that you take a listen to what the DS-10 can do or watch this demo