Sabre - Collecting samples and crate-digging

DnB Weekend: Back in 2009, before he became one-third of eclectic DnB trio Ivy Lab, Sabre opened his studio doors to Computer Music. In this video excerpt, he offers insight into the art of record collecting, sample hunting and crate-digging.

Sabre's interest in music was first sparked by hip-hop, but in the late 90s his attentions were drawn to the futuristic sounds of Photek, DJ Trace, TeeBee and Future Forces. After DJing on pirate stations, including UK Rumble and Rude FM, Sabre took a music technology course and began producing his own tracks. Inspired by the crate-digging styles of his hip-hop heroes, such as DJ Premier and RZA, as well as the sound of the darker side of DnB, Sabre's tracks have always been an intriguing fusion of warm, organic samples and dark synthesis. With releases on Critical, Bassbin and Darkestral amongst others, Sabre has been a fixture on the DnB scene for years.

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