Albert Lee video guitar lessons

Learn from the expert: Albert Lee teaches guitar
Learn from the expert: Albert Lee teaches guitar

British guitarist Albert Lee is world-renowned for his fingerstyle and picking techniques. He's won Guitar Player magazine's Best Country Guitarist award five times in a row and Eric Clapton has called him "the greatest guitarist in the world."

He's recorded with Emmylou Harris, Eddie Van Halen, Bo Diddley, Eric Clapton and many others. Here on MusicRadar, he demonstrates his dazzling skills in a series of four free guitar lessons.

The lessons

1. Albert Lee on rhythm guitar
The secrets of his country-picking rhythm style unravelled

2. Albert Lee on chicken pickin'
Chicken pickin' is also known as hybrid picking. But whatever you call it, Albert Lee does it good...

3. Albert Lee on banjo-style rolls
Learn to play rapid-fire banjo style licks on your guitar

4. Albert Lee on 12-bar blues variations
Add some variety to your 12-bars with some ideas from the country master.

5. Albert Lee on chord bends
How to bend notes within chords for that authentic country feel