TG's Solo Special On Sale NOW!

TG´s latest issue, a SOLO SPECIAL, is in stores today!

In it you´ll find in-depth interviews with some of the most accomplished lead players in the word today, including Slash, Zakk Wylde
and Scott Gorham, exploring how they developed their unique soloing styles.

To get you in the mood, here´s six examples of some of the most expressive, virtuoso solos ever played live in concert….

Slash, 'Live In Argentina'

Mr Hudson extols the merits of live improv…

Jimmy Page, 'Stairway To Heaven'

The master plays perhaps the greatest guitar solo EVER!

Eddie Van Halen, 'Eruption'

Madcap tapping from the inspirational 80s shred wizard

John Butler, acoustic wizard

The ‘Million Dollar Hippie´, Aussie acoustic genius John Butler proves you don´t need to go electric to impress…

Uli Jon Roth, 'Sails Of Charon'

Neo-classical pioneer Uli brings the shred with The Scorpions back in 1977

Mark Knopfler, 'Sultans Of Swing'

Possibly the coolest ever fingerpicked solo. Who needs a plectrum?!