Musikmesse on an iPhone: Tube Screamer amp, custom Marshall grill-art, Gus G ESP guitar and new Line 6 Variaxes!

TG´s intrepid reviews editor, Stuart Williams, headed over to Europe´s premier industry love-in, Frankfurt´s Musikmesse, armed with nothing but an extensive list of meetings and an iPhone.

As always, there was a wealth of new and exciting gear on display. Here´s a few of his favourites.

The Ibanez Tube Screamer amplifier

One of those ideas that´s so simple it should have been done years ago. Ibanez has taken its legendary Tubescreamer stomp box and put it in an amp. It looks like this. We´ll take five, please.

(Click here to enlarge picture)

Marshall custom grill-art service

Marshall unveiled a new service which allows players to get designs of their choice printed on the speaker grill of their Marshall amp. The dragon amp was made for Doug Aldrich of White Snake.

(Click here to enlarge)

New Line 6 Variax guitars

Unlike previous Variaxes, these new models feature real magnetic pickups, three familiar designs and they´ve been designed by posh guitar manufacturer James Tyler.

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Gus G´s LTD GUS-600 EC signature guitar

With a catchy name like that, the LTD GUS-600 EC is sure to sell like hot cakes! Gus G´s latest custom axe features custom graphics, fire inlays, Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups, a single volume control and a mini on/off toggle switch.

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