UVI Urban Suite review

Hip-hop sample instruments

  • £145
  • €179
  • $199
The instruments range from a scratch emulator to a variety of drum machines and a three-oscillator synth

MusicRadar Verdict

The sheer volume of samples involved and presets programmed is impressive, and it'll take us a long time to run out of uses for them. One of UVI's best yet, no question.


  • +

    Huge range of samples. Quality presets. Instruments are fun and easy to use.


  • -

    Not much.

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There's an almost overwhelming amount of material in UVI's latest, a collection of five sample-based instruments for producers of hip-hop, trap, R&B and the like, supplemented by 140 construction kits.

"All of the interfaces are flexible, responsive and well designed, particularly Urban X (the synth)"

Borrowing a fair bit of engineering from UVI's Electro Suite, the instruments comprise two drum machines (a solid TR-808 emulation and a superb general purpose one that divides its kick, snare, clap and hat sounds up into editable stages or components), a three-oscillator synth, a multitrack REX file player and a vinyl scratch emulator.

All are entirely sample-based, but their interfaces are flexible, responsive and well designed, particularly Urban X (the synth), which plays beautifully and sounds incredible, and Scratch Machine, which is admirably honest in its controlled approach to scratch emulation and works all the better for it.

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