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HoRNet TrackShaper review

Quick 'auto-mixer' plugin

  • €15
  • $20
Just load TrackShaper onto a track and pick the Track Type to hear it work its magic

Our Verdict

TrackShaper is a useful and cheap tool for getting good demo mixes together quickly - just don't expect miracles.


  • Handy, good value plugin.


  • It has its limitations.

A "mix on autopilot" tool that, via the operation of just one central knob, claims to be able to improve the sound of individual instruments, busses and even full mixes.

"Each algorithm applies a dynamically responsive 'secret sauce' of EQ and compression"

Simply load it onto a track or buss, select a suitable algorithm from the Track Type menu (Kick, Snare, Synth, Drum Loop, Master Bus, etc), dial in as much Effect Amount as you feel works, and set the Input and Output Level controls to level things out or click the Auto Gain Input and/or Ouput buttons to have it done for you automatically.

Each algorithm applies a dynamically responsive 'secret sauce' of EQ and compression, and while obviously, the sonic tastes of the developer govern the process, it does smoothly boost the presence and energy of the source material to often impressive effect.