You still have time to save up to $100 on a Positive Grid Spark guitar amp bundle

Positive Grid Spark smart amp and bag on orange background
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As we get closer to Christmas, we’re seeing yet more amazing deals dropping from the biggest names in the guitar world. We’re especially keen to share this offer on what is one of the best guitar amps of 2020 - right now you can save up to $100 off the price of Positive Grid Spark guitar amp bundles.

The Spark has made big waves since its full launch earlier this year, with players loving the combination of incredible tones and unique skills that wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi film. So, if you’re searching for the perfect gift for the guitarist in your life, or just want to treat yourself, the Spark bundles from Positive Grid might be just the ticket. You’ll have to rush though as they expire soon!

Positive Grid Spark bundles: Was $299 - $399, now $239 - $299

Positive Grid Spark bundles: Was $299 - $399, now $239 - $299
This genuinely game-changing guitar amp is now available for less than ever. The Spark amp is one of the finest pieces of guitar innovation we’ve seen, and this limited-time deal is one you should definitely consider snapping up - bundles include the amp plus headphones (was $399, now $299), or the amp plus a handy carry bag (was $359, now $259). You can also pick up the amp on its own for just $239). 

If you’re a UK guitarist, you can enjoy savings of up to £75 on the same bundles, whilst Positive Grid is also offering up to 50% off its fantastic BIAS software.

While there’s no shortage of guitar amps with smart features like Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone integration, none have nailed it quite as well as Positive Grid has with the Spark amp. You’re possibly familiar with Positive Grid’s range of BIAS software amp simulation apps and plugins but if not, take our word for it; they’re incredible. 

Where other amp sims allow you to choose from a selection of preset amp and pedal models, Positive Grid takes a much more modular approach and allows you to effectively build your own gear from the ground up. Every component, setting and parameter is there to be tweaked. The prospect of incredible tones, completely unique to you, is well within grasp.

The Spark amp continues this innovation, by delivering all the sweet sounds and effects you’d expect from a modern modelling amp with some features which are very definitely unique. For starters, the Spark (and its accompanying app) have an ‘auto jam’ function, where the app uses sound recognition technology to automatically add a full band backing to your playing. This is, as you’d imagine, an amazing playing tool and makes a nice difference from the steady monotony of a metronome. 

The killer feature, for us, however is the chord recognition software. Simply play a track through any of the major streaming services, and the Spark app can work out what chords are being played so you can learn pretty much any song ever written in minutes. We were skeptical at first but are happy to confirm it not only works; it’s pretty mind-blowing.

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