It looks like Yamaha is about to launch the Montage M synth, and there’s speculation that it’ll come with a new AN1x-style virtual analogue engine

Yamaha Montage M
(Image credit: Yamaha Synth)

It looks like we’re getting closer to the launch of the new version of Yamaha’s Montage, the workstation synth that the company discontinued earlier this year. A new keyboard was always on the roadmap, and now we’re getting our first chance to see not only what it looks like, but also hear it in action.

Yamaha Synth has uploaded a selection of images to its website, and their file names suggest that the new instrument will be called the Montage M. There’s what looks like a sizeable touchscreen, and the Montage’s very handy SuperKnob macro controller appears to be making a return, too.

The big question, of course, is what’s going on under the hood. We’d expect Yamaha's AWM2 waveform-based subtractive synthesis and FM-X engines to be retained, but there’s also speculation that an engine based on the company’s AN1x synth could be landing.

A late ‘90s classic, this was a retro-inspired virtual analogue keyboard that built up a loyal fanbase. Rumours of its return were sparked back in 2022 when Yamaha applied to trademark the AN-X name in relation to  “electronic musical keyboards, electronic pianos and music synthesizers.”

We’ve seen no sign of the name since, so an appearance inside the Montage M is certainly possible, and maybe even likely. There are certainly some big analogue-esque sounds among the impressive audio demos, adding audible fuel to the fire.

The good news is that more information is said to be coming soon - we’ll bring it to you as soon as we have it.

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