Waves v11 updates the Renaissance line, adds 1400 artist presets and increases compatibility

(Image credit: Waves Audio)

Waves Audio has announced version 11 of its plugin suite, ensuring its software is still current in the minds of modern producers. 

The Renaissance series, featuring R-Channel, R-EQ and others, has been redesigned with a new set of interfaces (above), and over 700 artist presets have been added.

As well as general updates, Waves' plugins have been made compatible with Apple's Catalina OS (10.15), and 43 more plugins have been made compatible with NI's NKS system

Waves' premium bundles have also had various plugins added to their rosters, as detailed below.

Waves v11 updates

You can grab a Waves plugin bundle from the Waves website, and check out the recent best-selling titles that have been slashed in price by the company in preparation for Black Friday.