Waves’ 50% off all plugins and bundles sale has just arrived in time for President’s Day

Waves President's Day sale
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President's Day is just around the corner (Monday, to be exact), and with it usually comes a slew of big discounts. With this incredible early offer from studio software legends Waves, now could be the time to expand your collection of plugins. For a limited time you can bag 50% off all Waves plugins and bundles with code HALF. If that wasn't enough, you'll also receive a free plugin when you spend $50, two freebies when you spend $90 and three when you spend $120.

As this sale covers the entire Waves catalogue, there really is something for everyone – and these discounts are 50% off already heavily discounted software. So, whether you're a bedroom producer looking for a new synth, a mixer looking to recreate the sound of the famous tape machine at the iconic Abbey Road, a singer longing for perfectly pitched vocals or a guitarist trying to nail the ultimate metal tone, there's a plugin here for you. 

And the more you buy, the more free stuff you get. As we mentioned above, the more you fill your basket, the more freebies you unlock. Spend over $120 and you'll be able to choose three free plugins from this list of 100.

Below we've listed a few of our favourite plugins from this studio software behemoth. If you want to know more about what Waves plugins we highly rate, then be sure to check out our guide to the best Waves plugins, many of which are available in this sale. 

Waves half price sale: 50% off plugins and bundles!

Waves half price sale: 50% off plugins and bundles!
If you're looking to update some of your plugins, now is the time, with Waves offering a huge range at half price, plus spend $50, $90 or $120 and grab 1, 2 or 3 free plugins from the list of 100 eligible plugins.

Waves Silver plugin bundle: Was $199.98

Waves Silver plugin bundle: Was $199.98, now $99.99
Get your hands on 16 professional award-winning plugins for music production, mixing and mastering all for an insanely low price of $99.99.

Waves Horizon Bundle: Was $599.98

Waves Horizon Bundle: Was $599.98, now $299.99,
You can save a whopping 50% on the list price of one of Waves' most sought-after bundles. With 83 plugins, it's a complete processing suite containing everything you need to add sparkle to your productions.

Waves Platinum: Was $519.98

Waves Platinum: Was $519.98, now $259.99
Ok, so you were probably never going to spend full whack on this package, but right now Platinum is at a great price. Get your hands on 60 killer plugins for less than $270, which works out at $4.30 apiece. To get your hands on those plugins individually would cost the earth, so strike now while they’re criminally cheap.

Was $59.98

H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb: Was $59.98, now $29.99
Want richer, deeper reverb tails that sit beautifully in the mix while breathing crisp air into your tracks? H-Reverb is the plugin for you.

PuigTecEQs: Was $59.98

PuigTecEQs: Was $59.98, now $29.99
A bundle of the MEQ-5 and Puigtec EQP-1A EQ, which is a replication of the original hand-crafted unit owned by iconic producer/engineer Jack Joseph Puig (U2, Rolling Stones).

CLA MixHub: Was $77.98

CLA MixHub: Was $77.98, now $38.99
Get Chris Lorde Alge's SSL 4000 mixer channels in your DAW for a measly $39.99. There's mic pres, filtering, EQ, dynamics and metering on tap, and it really is like having a 64-channel SSL inside your computer. Go and grab it!

Waves VocalBender: Was $69.98

Waves VocalBender: Was $69.98, now $34.99
Vocal formant switching and pitch manipulation are made easy with Vocal Bender. It's a simple way to add a sampled/pitch-shifted effect to your vocal productions with a simple yet powerful control layout. It's a no-brainer for under 35 bucks! 

Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel: Was $59.98

Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel: Was $59.98, now $29.99
Producer Eddie Kramer has worked with Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Stones and many more. Here, you can get his guitar processing chain, all in one place. There's dynamics, modulation, EQ and delay. Get the sound of classic rock for less!

Waves Tune: Was $59.98

Waves Tune: Was $59.98, now $29.99
Let's face it, most of our vocals could do with a helping hand, and the Waves Tune plugin may be the best way to achieve studio-quality vocals at home - and you don't even need to be able to sing! 

Abbey Road Reverb Plates: Was $71.98

Abbey Road Reverb Plates: Was $71.98, now $35.99
Bring a little bit of Abbey Road magic to your mixes with this fantastic reverb plugin. Giving you access to four unique reverb plates from the legendary studio - each with its own unique character - this plugin is sure to take your mix to a whole new level. 

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