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Warm Audio mics and preamps slashed by up to $200 in this epic Black Friday deal

Warm Audio microphones and preamps slashed by up to $200 in this epic Black Friday deal
(Image credit: Warm Audio)

Black Friday music deals are here! As the discounts are flowing, now is your chance to grab that elusive bit of gear you've been eyeing-up all year. Right now Sweetwater is offering just that with a promotion of up to $200 off select Warm Audio mics and preamps.

Warm Audio is known for offering modern, more affordable recreations of studio classics, from some of the most revered vintage mics to faithful approximations of outboard preamps. These aren't cheap lookalikes, though, as Warm Audio has quickly caught the attention of heavyweight producers, like Sylvia Massey, Andy Sneap, Dave Pensado and more, who want great vintage tone with the consistency and availability of new gear.

Sweetwater's reductions include some of Warm Audio's most popular products, including $100 off the WA-47 large-diaphragm tube condenser mic (based on the Neumann UA-47), WA-84 small-diaphragm condenser (based on the Neumann KM84), WA273 dual-channel preamp (Neve 1176) and $200 off the four-channel WA-412 (API 3124+).

Warm Audio WA-47: Was $899, now $799, save $100
This tube condenser mic is based on one of the most famous studio mics of all time. It features premium components such as the custom reproduction '47 capsule, TAB-Funkenwerk output transformer, a JJ Slovak 5751 vaccuum tube and Wima and Solen capacitors. Add in nine different polar patterns, and this mic will deliver the big, rich sound of yesteryear. It comes with its own power supply, shock mount and wooden case to make sure it's stowed and transported safely.View Deal

Warm Audio WA-84: Was $399, now $299, save $100
The Neumann KM84 is one of the all-time greats when it comes to small-diaphragm condenser mics. An original vintage one will also set you back an arm and a leg. So, Warm Audio's WA-84 makes the perfect substitution, perfect for use on many different applications including drums, acoustic guitar, piano, vocals and more, this cardioid-patterned mic is a versatile addition to any studio. Sweetwater has the same offer whether you choose black or nickel, with 25% off, we'd suggest getting a pair!View Deal

Warm Audio WA273: Was $999, now $899, save $100
Warm Audio's take on the iconic Neve 1073 delivers a consistent replication of one of the most imitated preamps ever. Not only that, but you get two channels in one 19-inch rack space. In addition to the 80dB of gain on-hand, each channel features stepped gain and high-pass filter knobs (50Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz, or 300Hz), output knob, phantom power, instrument/mic level-switching polarity reverse and more. There's an insert on each channel too, and the WA273 features all-important Carnhill recreations of the 1073's original Marinair output transformers.View Deal

Warm Audio WA-412: Was $1,199, now $999, save $200
Punchy, aggressive, 'the sound of rock'. These are a few terms regularly used to describe API preamps. Now, you can bag four channels of the great 70s studio sound in one unit for even less. Each channel features 7-segment LED level metering, input gain and per-channel output controls, switchable transformer, polarity reverse, 10db pad and an instrument-level input. If you're after that big console sound on your way into your DAW, this offers great value for money with $200 off. View Deal

Warm Audio WA-DI-P DI Box: Was $149, now $99, save $50
Every studio needs a DI, but not all DI's are created equal. Here, you can save a third on the price of Warm Audio's WA-DI-P passive DI box. Equipped with a Cinemag transformer, this little do-it-all problem solver will let you split, convert and re-route your instrument signals without getting in the way of your tone.View Deal

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