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The only mic you’ll need? Save hundreds on Slate Digital’s VMS ML-1 Modelling Microphone for Black Friday!

Slate DIgital VMS ML-1
(Image credit: Slate Digital)

We love a chunky Black Friday music deal, and this year Guitar Center is delivering with a hefty $300 reduction on the excellent Slate Digital VMS ML-1 Modelling Mic, down from $799 to $499.

The concept is pretty straightforward - you get the ML-1 Modelling Mic, which is a fine large diaphragm condenser mic in its own right offering a flat, clean response. But the real magic is unleashed when you hook it up to the software part of Slate Digital’s Virtual Microphone System.

The plugin gives you access to eight microphone models: FG-47, FG-M7, FG-800, FG-251, FG-800M, FG-269, FG-12 AND FG-67, but get this - you can switch the mic model after the fact. Want to hear what your vocal sounds like through a classic 67? How about a small diaphragm condenser? Or maybe a renowned dynamic mic with an added tube section? You can do all of that after you’ve captured the perfect take with Slate’s VMS ML-1.

Slate Digital VMS ML-1: $799

Slate Digital VMS ML-1: $799, now $499, save $300
One mic to rule them all! Slate Digital’s VMS ML-1 unleashes eight vintage-inspired microphones into your locker with Slate’s brilliant microphone modelling VMS platform. Switch between models after you’ve recorded to audition a dream mic locker comprising mics that cost tens-of-thousands each. Save $300 dollars today and make this the centrepiece of your vocal recordings.

The software also includes Slate Digital’s Neve-inspired FG-73 virtual mic pre, plus the Telefunken-emulating FG-76 virtual tube mic preamp. With Slate Digital’s ever-growing collection of virtual microphone models, you can also have add-on access to some of Blackbird Studio’s world renowned mic locker, or Slate’s Classic Tubes expansion packs.

The Slate Digital VMS ML-1 comes with a shock mount and protective case, and at this price it offers astonishing value for money. Grab it now and start benefitting from classic microphones immediately!