The Korg Wavestate SE adds aftertouch and a premium feel in a new 61-key version

GEAR 2021: It would seem the Korg product releasing juggernaut rolls on with yet another synth breaking cover. This time the Japanese firm has given 2020's Wavestate the premium treatment with a new SE version, adding what many users would have loved in the original: aftertouch.

It's not just a case of simply adding the aftertouch and leaving it there. Much of the patches included in the machine have been tweaked to make the most out of the feature.

Alongside aftertouch, it seems an obvious choice has been taken to up the key-count to 61, further making reinforcing the Wavestate as a full-on performance instrument.

Players will also be pleased with the addition of solid aluminium knobs and top panel, giving the Wavestate SE a premium feel.

  • NAMM 2021 is cancelled, but we'll be covering all the big January gear announcements right here on MusicRadar.

Korg seems to be really hitting NAMM's Believe in Music event hard with miniKorg 700FSModwaveARP 2600 M and Drumlogue already being announced, with many more pianos and keyboards also revealed.

Unfortunately, these announcements are merely a preview of what is coming from Korg this year, so we don't have any details on release dates and prices as yet. Head over to the Korg website for more info.

Korg Wavestate SE

(Image credit: Korg)
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