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The best Black Friday multi-FX deal? Zoom's G11 is $200 lighter at Guitar Center right now

Zoom G11
(Image credit: Zoom)

Zoom's multi-FX answer to the Line 6 Helix and HeadRush Pedalboard made its debut in April this year, so it's pleasantly surprising to see it reduced by $200 in one of 2020's standout Black Friday music deals

Is this a taste of things to come as a second wave of Cyber Monday music deals emerges? Fingers crossed.

Zoom's flagship offering comes with 48 amp and cab models, plus 70 built-in Impulse Responses and sports a 5” color touchscreen display, and switches for scrolling through your signal chain, patches and banks.

On top of that there are effects galore, audio interface functionality, MIDI connectivity, a five-minute looper, 68 rhythm patterns and much, much more.

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