PreSonus's StudioLive AR USB mixers are designed to be at the hub of your home studio

Well connected.
Well connected.

PreSonus has launched new additions to its StudioLive range in the form of the AR hybrid mixers.

The series includes three models: the 18-channel StudioLive AR16 USB; 14-channel StudioLive AR12 USB; and 8-channel StudioLive AR8 USB. All of these feature plenty of digital I/O that should cover most of the bases needed in today's home studios.

Every AR USB mixer is equipped with a USB 2.0 24-bit/96kHz audio interface, onboard stereo SD recorder (which takes a feed from the main mix) and a Bluetooth 4.1 connection so that you can mix in tracks wirelessly via your phone. These digital connections feature alongside an RCA and 1/8-inch stereo input in what PreSonus is calling the 'Super Channel'.

Each mixer also includes stereo effects processing. There are 16 presets - various reverb, chorus and delay effects are represented, and there's also a preset that emulates an acoustically treated studio room. PreSonus promises that this will "provide a warmer, more intimate tone".

PreSonus's Capture live recording software and Studio One 3 Artist DAW are both included with each mixer. All models are expected to be available late in the Summer of 2016, with expected street prices of $599.95 (AR16), $499.95 (AR12), and $299.95 (AR8). For more information check out the PreSonus website.

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