NAMM 2010: Two new Pocketrak recorders from Yamaha

Yamaha's C24 (left) and W24.
Yamaha's C24 (left) and W24.

PRESS RELEASE: With over a century of experience in building fine pianos and other musical instruments, and as a leader in home and professional audio equipment, Yamaha has a deep affinity with music and musicians.

The two new models of POCKETRAK (C24 and W24) incorporate 24bit/96kHz sound quality and superb operating ease giving both professional and amateur musicians all the recording capabilities they want!

Sound quality has been the driving force behind the development of these pocket recorders however practicality has definitely not been forgotten. Both the C24 and W24 are supplied with 2Gb of internal memory allowing them to record up to 13 hours of mp3 quality recording 'straight from the box' and if the internal 2Gb storage is not enough, both models are expandable using standard microSD cards.

With the fastest startup time of any portable recorder these new POCKETRAKs are ready to record within 4.5 seconds. They both feature a handy onboard speaker for checking recordings while on location and both come supplied with Cubase AI5 software allowing for detailed productions to be created back in the studio. Both models also include a handy peak limiter, tuner and metronome.

The entry level C24 delivers 24bit/96kHz sound quality in the world's smallest size and is packed with helpful features. The innovative attachment clip allows it to be placed almost anywhere from a music stand to a drum kit while the internal metronome and tuner will prove to be a great bonus to all types of musician and performer. The C24 contains a high quality nondirectional stereo microphone making it perfect for recording a wide area without having to move positions to pick out the different instruments. The C24 is simple to use and even easier to connect to a host computer thanks to its internal USB connector. Simply slide it out and plug it in! Suddenly all your recording files are available from your computer.

The new W24 also delivers 24bit/96kHz audio. At only 92grams the W24 is also incredibly compact and lightweight. W24 features a large dual X-Y microphone assembly for outstanding stereo sound quality and, what's more, recording is more convenient than ever thanks to the supplied wireless remote control. It's the perfect choice for effortless recording in the studio, on the stage or on location.

The microphone on a pocket recorder is extremely important in determining sound quality, and the sensitivity and coverage of this X-Y dual mic assembly are truly superior. It takes full advantage of the recorder's 24bit/96kHz resolution. Along with its built-in tuner and metronome, the W24 also has Internal scene memories allowing favourite settings to be saved for instant recall. A simple idea - but brilliant! W24 also includes a wireless remote control which makes recording rehearsals even easier.

The POCKETRAK C24 will be available in the UK from February 2010 with a recommended retail price of £169 including VAT.

POCKETRAK W24 will also be available from February 2010 with a recommended retail price of £270 including VAT.



- The Worlds Smallest 24bit/96kHz Pocket Recorder - Weighs only 2 ounces (57g)
- Onboard Speaker for a quick and convenient way to check recordings
- Unique Attachment Clip lets you position the recorder where you want it
- Two Great Practice Aids: Tuner and Metronome
- Quick Start-up: Ready to record in only 4.5 seconds!
- Long Lasting Battery Life for Extended Recording
- Direct USB 2.0 Connection to Computer
- High capacity storage with Recording to built in memory and microSD Cards
- High Quality Built-in Omni-Directional Stereo Microphone
- Peak Limiter for Optimum Music Recording
- Cubase AI5 Music Production Software Included


- Ultra Handy Wireless Remote Control
- 24bit/96 kHz Recording with Highest Quality
- Superior Battery Life for Extended Recording - up to 38 hours of PCM
- High capacity storage with Recording to built in memory and microSD Cards
- X-Y Configured Stereo Microphone for Superior Music Recording
- Peak Limiter for Optimum Music Recording
- Scene Memories for User Settings
- Cubase AI5 Music Production Software Included
- Quick Start-up: Ready to record in only 4.5 seconds!
- Two Great Practice Aids: Tuner and Metronome

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