Musikmesse 2016: Nord Drum 3 announced in two flavours

MUSIKMESSE 2016: Nord has unleashed not one but two new drum machines in the form of the Nord Drum 3 and the compact Nord Drum 3P ahead of the Frankfurt show.

The main new features for the the third iteration of Nord's little red beat-box is the introduction of global Stereo Reverb and Delay effects and the new Sound Select-feature. This lets you browse a wide selection of drums sounds, assigned to each pad individually and that are easily replaced with a whole host of new presets.

If you're looking for an integrated pad and drum-machine option, then the Swedish firm has answered your prayers with the addition of the Nord Drum 3P.

The ultra-compact machine weighs a paltry 4,4 lbs (a smidge under 2kgs) and retains all the features of the Nord Drum 3. Both versions will also be compatible with the Nord Beat iPad app.

There is currently no word on price and availability, but we'll bring you those as soon as we have them. For more information on the Nord Drum 3 and 3P check out the Nord website.

Simon Arblaster
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