Musikmesse 2015: Roland launches Aira Modular synth and effects

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The System 1m is the centrepiece of the new Aira Modular range Click through to see the various effects

The System-1m is the centrepiece of the new Aira Modular range. Click through to see the various effects...

Roland Aira Modular

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Roland Bitrazer

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Roland Demora

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Roland Scooper

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Roland Torcido

MUSIKMESSE 2015: As expected, Roland has announced the Aira modular range, a new synth and effects line that's designed to "bridge the gaps between modular synthesis, live performance and computer integration."

These products aren't analogue but, thanks to their CV/Gate connectivity, they can be hooked up to other modular gear.

Topping the bill is the System-1m, a new version of Roland's System-1 synth that can be used as a Eurorack module, tabletop synth or 19-inch rackmount unit. It offers both external inputs and the aforementioned CV/Gate connections.

There are also four effects: the Torcido Modular Distortion, the Demora Modular Delay, the Scooper Modular Scatter, and the Bitrazer Modular Crusher. These can be used as tabletop or Eurorack devices, and programmed via computer, smartphone or tablet. Audio I/O and CV/Gate inputs are easily accessible on the front panels.

We'll have more on the Aira Modular range - including details regarding pricing and availability - very soon.

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