Musikmesse 2013: Novation unveils the Launchpad S

MUSIKMESSE 2013: Novation has unveiled the Launchpad S, a second generation version of the company's popular Ableton Live clip-launcher and controller.

The updated controller will feature brighter LEDs behind its 64 pads, has a faster refresh rate and supports plug-and-play use with an iPad via Apple's Camera Connection Kit. The controller works natively with FL Studio too, and will ship with custom control overlays in the box.

The Launchpad S is due to start shipping later this month and will retail at £149.99/$169.99/€179.99. Check out the press release below for full details.

Novation Launchpad S press release

Launchpad S is an update to the best-selling grid controller for Ableton Live: the Novation Launchpad. The 64 tri-colour pads can launch loops and clips, trigger drums and samples, and also control effects, volumes, mutes, solos and more. Launchpad S can do all this but has vastly brighter LEDs, a significantly faster refresh rate and is now plug and play with other software such as FL Studio. It also now works with iPad!

Launchpad S is an evolution of the ubiquitous Launchpad, the Ableton Live controller that re-defined the way we perform music with computers. A grid of 64 'launch' pads allows hands-on control of music software such as Ableton Live and FL Studio. It is especially designed for launching loops/clips and triggering effects as well as getting full mixer control including volume, effects sends, pan, mute, solo and track arm. The grid can also trigger drums and one-shot samples. A second user mode allows users to freely assign pads to control other software parameters.

Key features

64-button music software controller: Launch loops/clips, trigger drums and samples, and control effects and volumes.

Brighter, faster and works with more software: Launchpad S is an update to the best selling original Launchpad.

Comes with Ableton Live Launchpad Edition: Feature-packed version of Ableton Live lets you create music straight out of the box.

Plug and play with FL Studio and other software: Now including custom software control overlays in the box.

Now supports iPad: Launchpad S connects toiPadwith the Apple Camera Connection Kit —no drivers required!

New #1 iPad music app: Trigger loops and remix on the fly with just a Launchpad S and your iPad.

Create and perform anywhere: Launchpad S is bus powered, even from an iPad, so you don't need to connect it to mains power!

Launchpad S comes with the Launchpad Edition of Ableton Live, so you can start making music straight away. It also comes with custom overlays for using other grid-based music software such as FL Studio.

Novation has developed a Launchpad iPad app that enables loop triggering and effects from your iPad, independent of Ableton Live. Launchpad S can be connected to, and powered by, an iPad using a standard Camera Connection Kit. The app features a 1GB sample pack ofbrand new hand-pickedloops curated by Loopmasters, ranging from drum samples to artist packs across a variety of modern genres.

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