Musikmesse 2010: Korg MR-2 is high-res mobile recorder

The MR-2 can record in a wide variety of formats.
The MR-2 can record in a wide variety of formats.

FRANKFURT MUSIKMESSE 2010 PRESS RELEASE: Multi-format recording and playback, including SACD ultra-high-quality 1-bit DSD@2.8224 MHz; multi-bit PCM formats up to 24--bit@192 kHz.-(DSDIFF/WSD/DSF/WAV[BWF]/MP3/MP2 recording and playback, and AIFF playback are-supported.)

- High-performance X-Y configuration stereo electret condenser mic;capable of rotating 210 degrees.

- Screw mounts provided on two surfaces allow mounting to a-commercially available camera tripod for flexible placement.

- High-performance analog limiter, low-cut filter, and bass EQ are-provided.

- 40 Recording Setups call up specific mic sensitivity, limiter, low-cut-filter, and bass EQ settings to suit a variety of situations. Ten custom-user settings can be memorized.

- Records directly to (and plays back from) SD or SDHD cards.

- USB 2.0 (Mini-B type USB connector) allows high-speed data transfer-to and from a computer.

- Convenient, high-performance KORG chromatic tuner is built in.

- 128 x 128 pixel LCD with noiseless backlight provides excellent-visibility.

- Two-way power; operates either on two AA nickel-metal hydride-batteries, or on USB bus power.

From ultra-high quality DSD to MP3/MP2, the MR-2 supports a wealth of audio formats

Today, audio quality is an important consideration, even for mobile recorders. The KORG MR-2 is simply the highest-resolution portable recorder available, covering every need from critical recording of music performances to field-recording. Despite its compact and convenient size, the Korg MR-2 supports a wide range of audio formats

Supported formats include:

1-bit DSD @ 2.8224 MHz (DSDIFF/WSD/DSF supported) to allow SACD quality recordings.

24-bit @ 192 kHz (the highest resolution available in a hand-held recorder)
24-bit @ 176.4/96/88.2 kHz
16-bit/24-bit @ 44.1/48 kHz (WAV [BWF] format)

Supported for playback only.

Audio formats such as MP3/MP2 can also be recorded and played.

[DSD - astounding audio quality]
DSD is the highest quality audio format available today, using Direct Stream Digital technology to faithfully reproduce-the original sound. Today, DSD is used by recording and mastering studios around the world as the preferred audio-format for recording and mastering. We encourage you to try out the MR-2 so that you can experience DSD audio for-yourself. When recording DSD audio, the signal is recorded without further conversion, and can then be played back in-its original format, ensuring that every sparkling nuance of the sound is reproduced. This means that a DSD recording-is able to preserve the sound in a form that is closest to the original sound, making it suitable as an archive that can-support changes in formats through the years. Top engineers and mastering experts proclaim that DSD offers the-closest representation of analog warmth and the presence of the original recording than any other format.

Pro-quality built-in stereo mic - with 210º rotation
The pro-quality stereo electret condenser mic built into the MR-2 can rotate toward the front, top, or rear of the unit-in eight 30 degree steps, for a total range of 210 degrees. This gives you the freedom to point the mic toward the-target recording source. The MR-2 also provides two screw mounts for attaching to general-purpose camera tripod,-allowing flexible mic'ing and positioning. There's also an external input jack for you to connect your favorite mic.

Analog limiter, low-cut filter, and bass EQ are built in
Squeezed into the MR-2's handy size are an analog limiter, a low-cut filter, and a bass EQ. To ensure that the benefits-of the MR-2's high-quality DSD recording are unimpaired, this high-performance analog circuitry is under accurate-digital control, just as in the sophisticated consoles used in professional recording studios. This thoughtful design-elevates recordings on the MR-2 to an even higher level of quality.

40 Recording Setups match the MR-2 to a variety of recording situations
The MR-2 includes 40 easily-selectable Recording Setups. Each contains its own settings for mic sensitivity, input level,-analog limiter, low-cut-filter and bass EQ. These setups offer optimized settings for a range of recording environments-such as ensemble performances, solo vocal, or piano performance, as well as settings suitable for field recording or-documenting meetings. It's just like having your own personal recording engineer at your side. This allows anyone to-easily make pro-quality recordings using the Korg MR-2.

Easy operation with highly visible display and controls
The MR-2 features a highly visible 128 x 128 pixel liquid crystal display. The noiseless backlight allows operation even-in dim locations. Dedicated buttons and switches allow quick adjustments of input level, Hold on/off, etc.

Efficiently store and manage data on SD/SDHD cards
Data recorded on the MR-2 is stored directly to an SD/SDHC* card. There is no motor - as would be required for a-hard drive - so there's no danger of unwanted drive noise being captured and recorded. SD/SDHD media is widely-used; the recorded data can be conveniently stored on individual cards.

The recorded data consists of two files, the audio file and the project file (containing project and mark information),-and these two files are collectively referred to as a "project." On the MR-2, a project is handled as if it were a single-audio file, and project operations such as renaming, deleting, and song editing can be performed on the MR-2 itself.-Up to 400 projects can be created on the MR-2 in each recording date folder.

*Sold separately.

AudioGate V2.0 file conversion software included
The MR-2 is bundled with Korg's AudioGate audio format conversion software. In addition to converting files from 1--bit DSD to multi-bit PCM (or vice versa) this software is an ideal way to edit the recorded material or to manage your-archival masters. By using AudioGate, you can take advantage of "MR style" recording in which you record the-material in DSD format, and then convert the file as appropriate for the desired output media. This method assures-you will be preserving the highest audio quality at all times.

AudioGateV2.0 supports reading and writing of numerous audio formats including DSD, WAV, AIFF, FLAC and MP3.-Audio CDs - and even DSD discs - can be read and written. AudioGateV2.0 can use the computational power of your-computer to apply painstaking optimization to your data. For example during conversion, you can use the "Normalize"-function to automatically export the data at the optimized level, and even choose from two different types of dither-processing: "TPDF Dither" which improves the quality of the exported product, or KORG's newly developed "Noise-Shaped Dither (KORG AQUA)" which matches the perceptual response of human hearing. This means you'll be able to-easily create high-quality audio CDs that are a step above what could be created by a hardware CD writer.

Chromatic Tuner
A high-performance and highly-reliable KORG chromatic tuner is built in. Calibration is adjustable in 1 Hz steps over a-range of 435 Hz to 445 Hz.

USB 2.0 computer port
The MR-2 is equipped with a USB 2.0 connector (Mini-B connector) that allows the recorded data to be transferred to-your computer at a high rate of speed. This connection also allows the MR-2 to be used as a USB card reader.

Two-way power supply
Two AA nickel-metal hydride batteries (1900 mAh) allow approximately four hours of continuous recording or-playback. USB bus power is also supported. (Note: Nickel-metal hydride batteries cannot be recharged using bus-power.)


Information taken from official press release, for more visit Korg UK

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