Musikmesse 2010: Korg introduces MP-10 Pro media player

Korg's MP-10 can play back MIDI and MP3 files.
Korg's MP-10 can play back MIDI and MP3 files.

FRANKFURT MUSIKMESSE 2010 PRESS RELEASE: The MP-10 Pro is the perfect musical companion for mobile entertainers, solo keyboardists, singers and amateur musicians. This revolutionary all-in-one product brings together Korg's powerful EDS sound engine, TC Helicon Voice Processor, a slew of on-board effects, a massive 120 GB hard drive, and two of our premium song players - each capable of playing MIDI or MP3 files. Thousands of files (MIDI or MP3) can be stored on the internal hard drive and cataloged for instant recall. These two independent players allow DJ-style mixing and crossfading - with a motorized 60mm crossfader - offering a real non-stop music experience in any environment.

Reliable and easy to use, the MP-10 Pro's hardware interface is centered on Korg's huge color TouchView™ display. This intuitive design allows the MP-10 Pro to deliver a wealth of useful features that anyone can quickly understand and enjoy. A comprehensive set of connections provide the MP-10 Pro with maximum versatility. In addition to MIDI and USB connections, there are connections for a PC keyboard that makes naming and cataloging songs very efficient. Two XLR microphone inputs assure compatibility with nearly any mic. The video outputs (S-Video and Composite) allow karaoke style lyrics, chord changes, or even full scores to be displayed on an external video monitor. Add to that the assignable foot pedal control, headphone outputs, and Advanced Vocal Remover, and the MP-10 Pro rises to the top of its class.

The Main Screen shows all the information regarding the two players, and the selected playlist. There are three different Play modes: Manual (songs can be freely selected and assigned to either player), Auto (using the selected playlist as a guide, the next song will be automatically loaded) and Non Stop (all the songs in the playlist will be played in sequence). The Pre Listen function allows the use of headphones to hear either the Master signal (output) or the Monitor signal (to cue the next song). Through this simple interface the user is always in total control, and can switch between the different play modes at any time during the performance.

The MP-10 Pro includes a powerful database [iTunes compatible] to easily manage thousands of music files. Finding the right song has never been so easy, thanks to a variety of viewing options and compatible functions. The Library can be sorted using any criteria; the Browser gives an immediate view of everything available in the selected Genre. Using the Find function, the MP-10 Pro will carefully search the entire database for your favorite song. Once found, the song can be immediately sent to either of the two players.

The Playlist view page includes everything you need to manage your songs. Playlists can be easily created even "on the go" - or imported from an iPod. By pressing the "Info" tab, you can immediately see how many songs are included in the selected playlist, as well as the total playing time.

The Mixer section includes access to everything needed to control the Voice Processor, the four performance Pads, the Master FX, the EQ of each track, data from a MIDI keyboard, and of course, the mixer itself. SMF Song Edit tools are also found in this section.


Information taken from official press release, for more visit Korg UK

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