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We've mongered the rumours, had sneak peeks until we could sneak (or peek) no more, but finally they're here: they've only gone and remade the 808, 909 and 303!

You may remember the last time Roland got busy on its heritage, birthing the MC-303 and associated Groovebox spin-offs. So with a misstep like that to foul the pathway to glory, you can bet that we've been watching the TR-8 and TB-3's journey through our pages very carefully. Get the definitive unflinching review on all three current Airas. And check out the final piece of their retro revival puzzle in the Filter.

We're joined by two shining stars of music making this month - band of the moment Cut Copy and Techno don Jon Rundell. Likewise there's a cracking pair of tuition features as we show you Advanced Reverb and Delay and give you the fast track on incorporating hardware into your DAW.

As ever, there's audio, video, samples and data files on the disc (with our print edition) and be sure to check into our online Vault at where directed too, to get extra files that simply wouldn't fit!

With the magazine, digital edition and amazing YouTube channel at no other mag gives you more. Go get what's coming to you!

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