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Focusrite is offering monthly deals with the new Plug-in Collective

Focusrite has announced a new initiative that will bring special deals from some of the leading plugin manufacturers to Focusrite customers, on a monthly basis.

Called the Plug-in Collective, the deals are open to anyone who owns a Focusrite registered product - and it doesn't have to be just an audio interface, either.

Each month a new deal will be up for grabs. August's offering sees iZotope's DDLY dynamic delay plugin, worth $49, being offered for free, as it was when it was launched earlier this year.

Should you take up this offer, you'll get the added bonus of an extra 15% discount in the iZotope store.

To find out more and to get involved check out the Plug-in Collective website. If you don't own any Focusrite products, find out what's on offer at the Focusrite website.