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eJay releases affordable sample packs

Virtual Sounds 1 contains samples from Carl Cox.
Virtual Sounds 1 contains samples from Carl Cox.

eJay is best known for its loop-based music creation software, but the company also releases standalone sample collections. Three more of these have just been launched: Virtual Sounds 1-3.

Each volume of Virtual Sounds contains 25,000 royalty-free samples and focuses on a slightly different selection of genres. Volume 1 covers the likes of house, garage, trance and hardcore; Volume 2 deals with hip-hop, R&B, dub and reggae; and the esoteric Volume 3 runs the gamut from techno to rock and pop.

All the Virtual Sounds samples are lifted from eJay's back catalogue of software releases and can be used in any DAW. Each volume costs £20, which seems pretty reasonable when you consider that for that you're getting around 8GB worth of content.

Find out more over at the eJay website.