Computer Music – KICK + BASS POWER – Issue 231, July 2016

In this month's Computer Music, we take on the heavyweight task of kick and bass production, hang out with DnB boss Roni Size, school you in the art of drum fill programming, crack open the doors of Tommy Vercetti's studio, and for one issue only, we bring you TWO plugins: Sinevibes' Cluster 2 sequenced effects plugin, and Dotec-Audio's exclusive DeeMonitor mixing effect.

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Kick & Bass Power

In this month's massive cover feature, we show you how to get a weighty, professional bottom end without losing any punch, definition and groove. If you've ever torn your hair out trying to get that all-important foundation just right, we'll show you how to pin it down with 14 tutorials over 20 pages, including…

  • Optimising your kick drum's weight with synthesis, EQ and layering
  • Getting solid bass withcompression, distortion and parallel processing
  • Nailing the perfect combination of kick and bass sounds
  • Slotting low-end elements together in the groove using tuning and EQ
  • Making your kick and bass play off each other with advanced sidechaining
  • Gelling it all back together using parallel multiband compression techniques
  • Plus, we get advice from the professionals, as Freemasons, Bontan, Cristian Varela and more tell us their kick/bass mixing secrets

Check out our low-end credentials with a look at one of this feature's videos below, and get the other 13 videos with this issue of CM!

TWO Plugin Giveaways - Cluster 2 and DeeMonitor

Not content with bringing you 60 instrument and effects plugin with this instalment of CM, we've stuffed two more unmissable giveaways into the mag.

Cluster 2 is a sequencer-driven effects plugin in Mac AU format, and we've convinced developer Sinevibes to let us give it straight to you for one issue only! Cluster 2 retails for $29, but it's yours for free with your copy of cm231. Check out the talents of Cluster 2's sequenced effects setup in the below video, and see its full spec on the Cluster 2 page!

DeeMonitor is an essential PC/Mac utility plugin that offers new insights into your mix - and is completely exclusive to CM readers! As well as its useful L and R solo and invert functions and mid/side balance controls, DeeMonitor emulates three monitoring setups, giving you the response of Yamaha NS-10, Auratone 5C and Genelec speakers in your DAW. Click here to find out more.

Producer Masterclass: Tommy Vercetti

Like his gun-toting namesake from GTA: Vice City, young Tommy Vercetti has quickly risen to infamy thanks to his Eton Messy- and Hed Kandi-endorsed uplifting house sounds. Now, CM have wormed our way into his studio for another Producer Masterclass video tutorial. Watch as Tommy breaks down his blissed-out take on Andy Reynolds' Glide in FL Studio.

Get the first half below, and get the rest only with cm231!

The CM Guide to Drum Fills

In this video-laden feature, we show you how to keep your drum parts moving from section to section. Fills are probably the hardest part of drum programming, but our professional advice will have you nailing the beat to the floor, getting you rolling in no time. Check out some of our sage advice in the below video, and get the rest with this edition of CM.

Also in this issue…

Ever tried Upward Compression? Ever even heard of it? Owen Palmer will fill you in on this overlooked production technique, and show you how to use it in this issue's Geek Technique

Read how DnB legend Roni Size discusses the impact of the seminal New Forms, tells us about his latest project, and offers advice for a life of making music

Add some Jazz/funk Chords to your arsenal - Dave Clews will show you how in his monthly Music Theory column

DnB genius Break is keeping it unreal as he takes us through some old-school Timestretching and Pitchshifting techniques for a retro, morphing sound in Designer Sounds

Hear from Waves' Mick Olesh about the thought processes that go into creating their software

Check out the hottest new Freeware Releases with our monthly roundup

Discover nu-disco maestro Oliver Nelson's desert-island plugins


  • Tracktion 7
  • ROLI Seaboard RISE 49
  • WaveMachine Labs Auria Pro
  • Garritan Personal Orchestra 5
  • Cableguys PanShaper
  • MeldaProduction MMorph
  • Presonus Studio 192
  • Audiority TS-1
  • Skylife SampleRobot 5

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All formats include our 60 CM plugins, thousands of samples, and tutorial videos via Vault download and on the DVD with the print edition.

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