FREE Mac AU plugin: Sinevibes Cluster 2

Ukranian developers Sinevibes are well respected throughout the plugin community thanks to their extensive range of colourful, creative Mac AU devices. One example is Cluster 2, a wickedly creative filterbox that's usually sold for $29 but is yours for free with this issue of Computer Music.

Cluster 2 can be described as a sequencer-driven rhythmic filter effect. At its heart is a looping step sequencer that stays perfectly in sync with your host's tempo. By drawing in custom patterns over Cluster 2's various colour-coded sequencer lanes, it's possible to switch between four filter types on a per-step basis, create complex filter frequency patterns, and apply filter envelope modulation shapes.

And if you can't use a Mac AU plugin, be sure to check out Dotec-Audio's DeeMonitor, which we're also giving away with this issue of CM

Features and uses:

  • Draw your own modulation steps for a fun take on filtering
  • Sequence filter mode between Band-Reject, Band-pass, High-pass and Low-pass
  • Program steps control of filter Cutoff by drawing your own response
  • Take charge of the filter Envelope response and shape for each step
  • Flip the envelope polarities on any step for even more dynamic rhythmic forms
  • Tweak global controls for Time, Lag (smoothness), Swing, Dry/Wet and more
  • Customise sequences by changing step Duration, Division and Swing
  • 32-/64-bit Mac AU plugin
  • Get an additional 20% off all Sinevibes plugins and bundles until the end of 2016 with your code in the mag!

How to get Cluster 2

But Computer Music magazine issue 231 (CM231) and you can download Cluster 2 right away.

For more info on our huge collection of CM Plugins, read our FAW, and find out about our Vault download system.

If you enjoy Cluster 2's sequenced filtering, make sure you check out Sinevibes' other pro-quality Mac AU plugins. Standout examples include Fraction, a rhythmic slicer that's optimised for creating rolls, fills, stutters and edits; Sequential, a sequencer-driven multieffect that houses 19 effects modules; and Array, a 'spectral sequencer' built for complex effects and morphing tones.

Grab this issue of CM to get your 20%-off code for any sinevibes plugin or bundle until the end of 2016!

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