FREE VST/AU mix-checker: DeeMonitor

Utility tools, while not as flashy or sexy as synths or processors, are equally as essential for achieving a professional mix. Balancing your signals' mono and stereo components, isolating left or right channels, flipping an out-of-phase recording's polarity and even simple gain automation are all invaluable manoeuvres for pursuing the elusive modern mixdown.

To help you with all these tasks and more, we're giving away a CM-exclusive PC/Mac mixing utility plugin from Japanese coding experts Dotec-Audio. DeeMonitor presents you with a breadth of monitoring features within one interface, including L/R solo, L/R polarity invert, M/S balance, and output trim. However, the true trick up this plugin's sleeve is its ability to 'transform' the sound of your speakers or headphones, mimicking the sound of three classic speaker types: Yamaha NS-10, Auratone 5C and a Genelec-a-like algorithm taken from Dotec-Audio's DeeSpeaker plugin.

Features and uses:

  • Emulate the sound of classic monitors - Yamaha NS-10, Auratone 5C and Genelec
  • Solo and left/right channels to check response at either side
  • Invert polarity of left/right channels to check phase compatibility
  • Control the balance between your mid and side signals
  • Use as a utility plugin, width plugin or final mix checker
  • Installs as an AU/VST Mac/PC plugin

How to get DeeMonitor

Buy Computer Music magazine issue 231 (CM231) and you can download DeeMonitor right away.

For more info on CM Plugins, read our FAQ, and find out about our Vault download system.

If you're dee-lighted by DeeMonitor's versatile selection of features, you should make a beeline for Dotec-Audio's website and explore the rest of their classy effects plugins. There's DeeMax, a flavoursome maximiser; DeeComp, an easy-to-use compressor; DeePanPot, a 'true' panner; and the brand new DeeFat, a one-knob route to instant fatness. Head on over to for more info.

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