CM Plugins FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about our free exclusive plugins

What is CM Plugins?
It's a collection of 65+ high-quality instruments and effects plugins that's yours free with the print or digital issue of Computer Music magazine. These plugins are made by some of the best developers in the business just for Computer Music magazine - you won't find these plugins anywhere else!

What plugins do you get and who made them?
Check out the full list of all CM Plugins. The plugins have been made by respected plugin developers such as Vengeance-Sound, u-he, D16 Group, PSP Audioware, Synapse Audio, Cableguys, Ohm Force, KV331 Audio and many more!

Can I just download them for free on the web? Is it freeware?
No, they are available only with Computer Music magazine - you can't download them for free elsewhere on the web.

If you've bought a copy of Computer Music from CM182 onwards, you can download the plugins included with that issue from FileSilo (

Are the plugins "crippled" or time-limited?
No, none of the plugins have annoying limitations - they are all fully working software.

Are they PC or Mac?
Both! All CM Plugins are PC (VST) and Mac (VST/AU) - it's a requirement of being added to the collection. A few are in Pro Tools AAX and RTAS too. Check the specs on our full CM Plugins list.

When do new plugins get added?
Every issue of Computer Music includes a new plugin giveaway, and most times, that plugin becomes a permanent part of the CM Plugins collection. So, the collection grows practically every issue. We do occasionally give away one-off plugins that are only available with that particular issue, however.

How do I know which CM Plugins are included with each issue?
See the full CM Plugins list - for each plugin, it tells you which issue's it's available with.

How do I get ALL the CM Plugins?
By buying the latest issue of Computer Music magazine. This ensures you get all available CM Plugins, in their latest versions.

OK, I bought the magazine - now how do I get my CM Plugins?
As a download from our Vault at (check out our FAQ for info) if you're not sure how to use it) or on the DVD that comes with the print edition.

Didn't it use to be called "CM Studio"? Can I still get the old CM Studio plugins?
Our plugin collection used to be called the CM Studio. From CM185, we excluded all the plugins that weren't PC and Mac compatible, as well as a few that didn't work properly with newer operating systems. This new streamlined collection is called CM Plugins.

If you want to get the old CM Studio plugins, get Computer Music 184 - it's the last issue with that collection on it.

How do I install CM Plugins?
Please check out the How To Install file in the CM Plugins folder - each plugin also has its own installation instructions file.

What do I need to use CM Plugins?
A PC or Mac and a suitable music program (aka DAW) to host them (ie, 'plug in' to). You need a program that can host VST or AU plugins, such as Ableton Live, Garageband (Mac), Reaper, FL Studio (PC), Cubase, Logic (Mac) and Sonar (PC).

Can I use CM Plugins to make commercial music or is that against the rules of the license?
You can use CM plugins to make commercial music - in fact, we'd love to know about it if you do!

Do any of the plugins require online registration?
A few do:

  • Blue Cat Audio FreqAnalyst CM (stereo version only)
  • XILS-lab PolyKB II CM
  • Cableguys Curve 2 CM (requires internet connection for patch sharing)
  • D16 Group Frontier

The rest have no kind of registration.

What about technical problems?
The developer who made the plugin is best equipped to help you, but if you email us directly, we'll do our best to help.

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