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Are the 909 and 303 coming to Roland's Boutique range?

Well they do look a bit on the small side.
Well they do look a bit on the small side.

As the the big 909 day fast approaches, it's little wonder that the internet is buzzing with theories and leaked images relating to the many products that Roland has promised to launch next week.

We can't predict with any certainty what's coming, but a few images that have circulated via Reddit and do suggest that we may be getting Roland Boutique editions of the TR-909 and TB-303.

In another leak unearthed by the folks at, these new images are certainly more authentic-looking and clearly show the new TR-09 and TB-03 both sporting some analogue control ports.

Judging by these new images, it looks like they do fit into the Roland Boutique mould. The question still stands as to whether they will be fully analogue or powered by Roland's Analogue Circuit Behaviour (ACB) technology, as is the case with the existing Boutiques, and whether they are in fact real.

So many questions but, fortunately, not too long to wait for answers. We'll find out for sure in just a few days time.