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Roland's 909 celebration day promises a slew of new instruments

Roland are celebrating 33 years of the 909 in a big way this year with a 24-hour live-streaming event on 9 September, featuring the announcement of new "inspiring" electronic instruments.

Yes, you heard that right, instruments! So what has the Japanese giant got planned for us? If you head over to Roland's 'The Future Redefined' products webpage, there look to be a whopping 32 new instruments on the cards; all-encompassing synths, pianos and keyboards, amps and guitar effects, drums and percussion, DJ gear and even a whole new product category.

Each product will be launched throughout the day in the live-streaming event, culminating in a special DJ performance finale.

The world-wide launch event will take place in several locations around the globe including: Toronto, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, Brussels, Paris and Tokyo.

If you don't think you can last the whole 24 hours, then you can register for the live streaming event on the sign-up page and you can select the specific product categories you wish to be alerted to.