Algorithmix releases K-Stereo ambience processor

K Stereo is the first in a series of new reference mastering plug ins
K-Stereo is the first in a series of new reference mastering plug-ins.

Would you spend €790 on a plug-in that “doesn´t have a sound of its own”? That´s the question Algorithmix is asking with launch of its K-Stereo Ambience Processor.

Before you start thinking that this new tool doesn´t actually do anything, we should point out that it works as an ‘ambience recovery processor´. Using a patented psychoacoustical process it extracts the ambience from recordings and then spreads this around the soundstage, making it deeper and wider.

K-Stereo is also designed to enhance the depth and imaging of instruments and vocals without adding any artificial reverberation.

The first in Algorithmix´s new Chromium Series of reference mastering plug-ins, K-Stereo is available now as a Windows VST effect (support for the VST 3.0 standard is in place). That price tag will certainly put a lot of people off - this is very much a pro audio product - but there is a demo version on the Algorithmix website, so you can try that and decide if it´s one you´re willing to pay.