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Access Virus TI in software?

Even the interface is inspired by the Virus TI.
Even the interface is inspired by the Virus TI.

While software synths are now the dominant force in high-tech music, certain hardware models still have the power to make even seasoned producers drool. One of these is the Access Virus TI - the Snow version of which was recently released - and it´s this instrument that´s inspired the creation of Nucleus SoundLab´s Viral Outbreak.

The software is said to be based on the Virus TI, which suggests that it features sounds that are sampled from it. Classic wavetables, saw and pulse waveforms , pads, formant effects, supersaws and synth drum kits are all included.

Viral Outbreak is available in two formats: Windows VST plug-in and Reason ReFill (version 4 of the software is required). The former comes with a 3.5GB soundbank and more than 950 presets, while the ReFill features 2GB of compressed sample data and 235 Combinator patches.

It´s also worth noting that, because it´s based on the WusikEngine, the plug-in version can load any Wusikstation libraries.

Viral Outbreak is available now as a download priced at $99.95. If you want to try before you buy, demo versions of the plug-in and ReFill are available, as are a number of audio examples.

The Nucleus SoundLab website is the place to go for all your Viral Outbreak enquiries.