Save up to $270 off Behringer synths in Sweetwater's massive Black Friday sale

(Image credit: Behringer)

Sweetwater are offering colossal discounts on a broad range of Behringer synths, with savings of up to $270 available while supplies last. Head over to Sweetwater now to check out the full list of over 22 discounted products, which includes everything from big hitters like their DeepMind 12 49-key analogue synthesizer to nifty gizmos such as the TD-3, pictured above in a rave-ready yellow colourway. These are just a few of the discounts available to music makers in this year's roundup of Black Friday music deals.

The DeepMind 12 and TD-3 are just two of a wide variety of Behringer products included in Sweetwater's Black Friday sale. Also on offer is the Model D analogue synthesizer, a Eurorack-sized analog monosynth module with three oscillators and a killer voltage-controlled filter that's had $130 knocked off the price tag. On top of that, there's Behringer's Wasp desktop analogue synthesizer, a hybrid monosynth that combines two digital oscillators with an analogue filter that's now available for $129.

Behringer synths at Sweetwater: up to $270 off

Behringer synths at Sweetwater: up to $270 off

This Black Friday, Sweetwater are making a host of Behringer's most popular products available for staggeringly cheap prices. With $230 off the DeepMind 12, their 12-voice analogue behemoth is more accessible than ever, while more portable products such as the TD-3 are going for as low as $89. Check out the full range of deals at Sweetwater's website.

Sweetwater have knocked the top off their prices on a huge list of Behringer products, from desktop synths to drum machines and Eurorack modules. Also reduced in this unmissable sale are products such as the RD-6 analogue drum machine, which has been reduced by $30 to come in at just under $100, and the Odyssey analogue synthesizer, which at $399 is a massive saving on its original list price of $549. Don't miss out - head over to Sweetwater to grab a Behringer bargain today.


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