Superbooth 2018: You’ll soon be able to add custom oscillators and modulation effects to your Korg Prologue

Superbooth 2018: Korg’s Prologue already looks like a pretty spicy synth, but the company is now going the extra sonic mile by releasing an open development API that will enable users to extend the possibilities of the instrument via an SDK and dedicated development tools.

The SDK will make it possible to create custom oscillators for the Multi Engine - you’ll be able to control parameters for these with the Shape knob, with additional parameters being accessible via the Program Edit menu. Similarly, it’ll be possible to add custom modulation effects - there are eight user reverb slots and eight user delay slots - with the Speed and Depth knobs being used to control them.

Custom oscillators and effects that are created by or in collaboration with Korg will be available via the Korg website, while third-party developers will be free to distribute their own via other channels. Korg points out that only those with programming experience will be able to create the oscillators and effects, but anyone will be able to load them into the Prologue via the Sound Librarian application.

The custom oscillators and effects features will be enabled via a firmware update, which will coincide with the Librarian application release in June 2018. The SDK code, tools and documentation will be made available via GitHub this month.


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Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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