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Stompai lets you play drums by mounting your phone to your feet

We’ve seen a variety of solutions for musicians seeking to use their feet to add a percussive element to their playing - from literal stomp boxes like the Logjam to footswitchable drum machines like the BeatBuddy - but Minneapolis start-up Stompai reckons it has a new solution.

The Stompai is essentially an app and foot mount for your phone, which utilises your device’s accelerometer to detect your foot’s movements.

Different sounds can be assigned to toe and heel movements, allowing musicians to alternate between bass and snare or a variety of other percussion samples.

An iOS app is already available, and the company is working on an Android version, although neither currently offers the option to load your own samples.

Stompai is available from Kickstarter, where early bird offers start at $15.

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