Logjam Prolog

Foot-stomp pedal gets a makeover...

  • £99
  • $190.5
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Our Verdict

Our foot says it's a much more comfortable foot-stomp than the Logarhythm. Tonally, it's pretty similar to our ears, if perhaps more consistent. Now where's that diddley bow?


  • Not everyone will want one, but if you have a use for it, it's superb!


  • Watch the low-end through a big PA.

It seems we're becoming the place for the DIY roots musician. Last month we had a one-string diddley bow, now we've got a foot-stomp pedal from Logjam.

"You may have come across the original Logarhythm foot-stomp - the Prolog is a development of that."

If you perform with a foot-stomp you may have come across the original Logarhythm - the Prolog is a development of that.

"As a mark of respect and gratitude, and as we've kept him in mind throughout the design process, we are launching Prolog with the Chris Woods Signature Edition," says Logjam.

So what's different? Well, the solidwood ProLog still uses a passive transducer but it's more low-profile and follows pretty much your footprint.

As before there's a non-slip gauze on the underside and a single output jack: plug in and stomp.


Whereas the wider sensing area of the Logarhythm gives a subtly different range of bass drum-like sounds, the Prolog, with its narrower width, is more specific and the voicing seems slightly higher with a touch more click.

There's plenty of low end - a little too much through a large PA - and your shoe's sole material affects tone.