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Spec-heavy ESP LTD monsters on offer for less than $500 at ProAudioStar

Black Friday
(Image credit: Future)

The Black Friday feeding frenzy has kicked up plenty of bargains, and this is one of the most tempting we've seen, offering up two tasty ESP LTD models at sub-$500 prices.

Given the spec on offer, either the M-400 or its still-metaller cousin the MH-400 definitely offer value. Both guitars have a mahogany body with a three-piece maple neck, 24-fret pau ferro fingerboard, but the MH-400 replaces the M-400's Seymour Duncan pick-ups with a pair of EMGs, so would probably favour the heavier players - you know who you are.

Check out both deals below and stay tuned to our ever-growing Black Friday Music Deals hub for all the best bargains this week. 

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