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SP950 emulates the gritty sound of the E-MU SP-1200 sampler in a plugin

You may have heard producers talking about the unique, often elusive sound of the classic E-MU SP-1200 sampler, and now plugin developer waveTracing is giving you the chance to emulate it inside your DAW.

SP950 is designed to deliver a “faithful” SP sound, with a supposedly accurate emulation of its 12-bit/26.04kHz ADC/DAC and detune. As you adjust the Detune slider, you’ll hear signature SP artifacts being introduced (that’s the theory, anyway).

The plugin also features an emulation of the digitally-controlled analogue 6th-order Butterworth low-pass filter found in Akai’s S950. This was often used alongside the SP-1200 - to isolate a bassline, for example - so waveTracing has added it here for this purpose, and to help mitigate some high-frequency detune artifacts if you need to.

SP950 serves a pretty specific purpose, then, but if you want to get a gritty old-school sound with the minimum of fuss, it might do the job. It’s available now for €20 in VST/AU formats on PC and Mac. Get the full skinny on the waveTracing website.

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