Sknote’s MetaVocals puts automatic tuning, harmonising and vocoding in a $30 plugin

Sknote MetaVocals
(Image credit: Sknote)

Sknote’s MetaVocals is a new, affordable plugin that promises not only to automatically tune your vocals, but also to double, harmonise and vocode them.

The interface has been kept intentionally simple, and the tuning engine works in real-time, detecting the incoming signal’s pitch and - assuming you want it to - correcting the intonation “in a smooth and natural way”. Presumably, you can push the effect to more extreme settings if you wish.

As a further bonus, you can output the whole track as MIDI events that you can then edit in your DAW, and there’s MIDI In, too. Instance grouping is designed to make it easy to work on a whole song.

You can generate up to two more voices on top of your main track, giving you doubling and harmonising opportunities. You can set these tracks’ relative positions as semitones and dynamically control them with MIDI events if you wish.

If you want to get even more creative, try the synthesizer mode, in which the incoming signal is converted into a synth sound that’s controlled by the vocal’s parameters. There’s also the vocoder mode; here, the overall spectrum of vocals controls the timbre of the synthesized sound and the doubling/harmonies.

You can pre-order MetaVocals now for the reduced price of $30 (regular price will be $50). It runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. 

Find out more on the Sknote website. 

Ben Rogerson

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