Sensel’s Morph controller now comes with an official Buchla Thunder overlay

Sensel has teamed up with Buchla to reimagine the original Buchal Thunder instrument interface in a new overlay for its Morph MIDI controller.

We first saw the new product at this year's NAMM show and now the Sunnyvale-based firm has announced the Buchla Thunder overlay is now available to buy.

The overlay features the same interface layout as the original, but with the added bonus of being MIDI MPE compatible. Allowing for control over all manner of hardware and software synths, drum machines and samplers, including DAWs and effects.

Building on the original Thunder’s expressivity, the Morph edition allows you to connect via USB, or Bluetooth and instantly explore sounds through the 27 ‘keys’, without any training or particular playing technique.

Each ‘key’, or ‘pad’ responds to pressure and direction in every direction for MPE softsynths, such as Serum, Aalto, Strobe2, Cypher2, The Legend and HALion.

It’s not all about the MPE though, as the Buchla Thunder overlay also outputs regular MIDI CCs, too and with a compatible USB MIDI to CV converter,  you’ll also be able to use it with your modular system. 

The new overlay also introduces a new preset system to the Morph, with nine switchable mappings stored in the memory.

For programming your own MPE and MIDI mappings there’s the SenselApp, which can also program any other type of key command or mouse movement too.

The Buchla Thunder overlay is available now, priced at $59 or bundled with the Sensel Morph for $269. MOre info can be found on the Sensel website.

Simon Arblaster
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