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Save $100 on Modal Electronics’ 4-voice Skulpt polysynth, down to just $199!

Modal Electronics Skulpt
(Image credit: Modal Electronics)

There are plenty of compact synths on the market, but even in the face of some stiff competition, Modal Electronics’ Skulpt stands out. In fact, one of the few things that could make it even more appealing would be a $100 price cut, so imagine our delight when we discovered that that’s precisely what Sweetwater has given it

Reduced as part of its Prime-Time Deals promotion, Skulpt is currently available for the oh-so-tempting price of $199. For that, you get a 4-voice polyphonic virtual analogue synth with a well-designed interface and a dedicated control app. 

It may be digital, but what Skulpt lacks in analogue authenticity it makes up for in sonic heft. With four voices and eight oscillators per voice, its synth engine packs more power than you’d find in any budget-friendly analogue instrument - or even one three times Skulpt’s price. 

You get an awful lot of synth for not very much money here, then: hook up a MIDI keyboard and Skulpt becomes a powerful, playable instrument with masses of sound design potential.

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