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Save a sweet $50 on Line 6's classic DL4 delay now at Sweetwater

(Image credit: Future)

The Black Friday guitar deals are just over the financial horizon, but why wait to bag a bargain when many of the big stores are already firing up their Black Friday sales machines. Take this handy saving, for instance, as Sweetwater are already discounting Line 6's highly regarded DL4 delay pedal.

Line 6 DL4

Line 6 DL4 delay pedal: $299, $249
The DL4 shook up the delay world at launch, and not just because it offered a then-unprecedented 16 classic effects, but also thanks to the sheer quality of the sounds on offer.

The Line 6 DL4 revolutionised the delay world when it launched way back in 2000, boasting models of 16 classic delay effects that you'd struggle to get hold of without a formidable overdraft. 

The defining tones of the Roland RE-101 Space Echo, TC Electronic 2290 and Maestro EP-1 Echoplex were all available at the twist of a knob, alongside Line 6 originals, such as sweep echo, auto-volume echo and lo-res delay.

Most importantly, the sound quality was there, too, and the DL4 quickly found its way onto the 'boards of countless pro guitarists, who loved the ability to instantly access three presets and tap tempo, not to mention the 14-second looper.

Keep your eyes peeled for more of the best Black Friday music deals in the coming weeks.