Roland announces three flagship V-Drums and VAD kits based around new TD-50X module and VH-14D digital hi-hats

Roland has made a major addition to the top of its V-Drum product range with the announcement of the TD-50X sound module and VH-14D digital hi-hats available in three new kit configurations, delivering what could be its best e-kit to-date.

Each of the three configurations includes the new module and hi-hat pads, but possibly the even bigger news is that Roland has expanded its VAD shells to offer the VAD706: available in four different finishes.

There's a lot to unpick, but essentially what we have here is a brand new module, a continuation of Roland's next-generation digital pads added across the range, and a number of pad options to partner with the TD-50X module. Let's take a look at each, starting with the kits. 

Roland VAD706

Building on 2020's release of its VAD (Virtual Acoustic Design) kits, the VAD706 pairs Roland's wooden acoustic shells with the TD-50X for authentic acoustic-feeling setup. It's available in a five-piece configuration with 10"/12"/14" toms, 22" bass drum and PD-140DS digital snare. 

Cymbal-wise, the VAD706 includes the new VH-14D digital hi-hat, CY-18DR digital ride cymbal, and a pair of CY-16R-T crashes. The VAD 706 is available in four finishes: Gloss Cherry, Gloss Ebony, Pearl White and Gloss Natural. 

Roland TD-50KV2

In the middle of the three kit configurations sits the TD-50KV2. Here, the bass drum is an 18" KD-180, with two 10" PD-108-BC rack tom pads, and two 14" PD-128-BC floor tom pads. As with the other configurations, the snare is Roland's stainless steel-shelled PD-140DS digital snare drum. The larger-sized pads are joined by a pair of CY-16R-T crashes, plus Roland's CY-18DR and VH-14D digital rode and hi-hats. 

Roland TD-50K2

The most streamlined in the flagship range is the TD-50K2, featuring shallower PDX-100 pads for the toms, a KD-140-BC bass drum pad, PD-140DS digital snare. You get CY-14C and CY-16R-T crashes, as well as the VH-14D and CY-18DR digital hi-hat and ride cymbals.

Roland VH-14D digital hi-hat

Joining the CY-18DR and PD-140DS in Roland's line-up of digital pads (and included in each configuration here) is the VH-14D Hi-Hat. The VH-14D is 14" in diameter, and is capable of high resolution open/half-open/Closed and stepped articulations.

As with Roland's other digital pads, it connects to the module via the USB trigger input. It features no fewer than three bow sensors, a sensor for the edge and multiple sensors for motion and touch, as well as a processor to handle them all. 

Roland TD-50X sound module

The new TD-50X module promises to provide "the most acoustic-like experience in electronic drumming", offering over 900 sounds in its internal memory, featuring many newly recorded kick, tom, snare and cymbal samples.

As well as the sounds, the TD-50X continues the TD-50's tradition of deep editing for parameters such as tuning, muffling, shell depths, head type and more, and also makes use of Roland's PureAcoustic Ambience technology for added realism.

There's comprehensive connectivity on board too, with master left & right outputs, plus eight direct outs enabling individual drums or groups to be sent to their own channels as well as a USB interface that can handle 32 channels of audio plus MIDI.

The Roland TD-50X ($2,399.99), VH-14D ($899.99) TD-50KV2 ($7,499.99), TD-50K2 ($5,399.99) and VAD706 ($7,999.99) will be shipping in May.

Stuart Williams

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