Roland announces six new TD-17, TD-27 and VAD series electronic drum sets

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Roland has announced no fewer than six new kit configurations across its TD-17, TD-27 and VAD series V-Drums. As well as the new electronic drum sets and hardware, the corresponding modules have also been given some updates, meaning that current users of the modules will be able to make use of new sounds and features.

Starting with the kit configurations, there are two additions to the TD-17 line-up, a new configuration in the TD-27 series, and three new VAD kits, all of which use the TD-17 or TD-27 modules.

TD-17KVX2 & TD-17KV2 kits

Roland’s TD-17 series has been hugely popular with intermediate drummers thanks to its easy-to-use module, coaching tools, Bluetooth and USB audio interface at an affordable price. Here, it gets two new options at the top end of the series with the inclusion of Roland’s latest-generation CY-12C-T crash cymbals. These are thinner to more closely replicate the feel of an acoustic cymbal with more realistic stick response and a more natural, freer swing when struck.

The TD-17KVX2 includes two CY-12C-T crash cymbals, while the TD-17KV2 comes with a single CY-12C-T. Both kits include the CY-14R-T three-zone ride.

Roland TD-27KV2

It’s well known that Roland’s TD-27 module is derived from the flagship TD-50X, and this doesn’t stop at some of the sounds and internal features. The big draw of the TD-27 in terms of physical functionality is the fact that it includes three of Roland’s digital trigger ports. 

Until now, the TD-27 series kits have utilised these with the PD-140DS and CY-18DS, with a slot going spare. Roland’s TD-27KV2 ships with the VH-14D digital hi-hats as standard, replacing the VH-10 hi-hat that came with the previous iteration. The two-piece, 14-inch design is widely regarded as the best digital hi-hat out there, so this is great news for TD-27 users. The crash cymbals get an upgrade, too, with the CY-12C-T and a CY-14C-T replacing the previous CY-12 and CY-13R crashes with the latest generation, thin models.

VAD504 & VAD507 kits

There are two new configurations in the VAD 5 Series, which was Roland’s first V-Drums Acoustic Design line-up, and both are centred around the TD-27 module. 

The three-piece VAD504 and five-piece VAD507 both take a step up from the 503 and 506 respectively, with the headline being that as with the TD-27KV2, both full-size, mid-price VAD options now come with the VH-14D hi-hats. 

There’s a hardware change, too, with the VAD504 and 507 both including heavy-duty, dual-purpose tom/cymbal stands borrowed from the top-line VAD 7 series: no more multi-clamps for your toms. 

As with the previous configurations, the 504 comes with one rack tom (10”) and one CY-14C-T crash, while the 507 comes with two rack toms (10” and 12”) and two crashes (CY-14C-T and CY-16C-T), while both feature the PD-140DS digital snare and CY-18D digital ride. Of course, being based around a TD-27 module, there are some more upgrades to talk about internally, which we'll get to further down the page.


Roland’s 3 Series VAD kits have also proved to be popular too - with smaller shell diameters, and cut-down depths meaning they can fit into smaller spaces while still maintaining the feel of playing drum shells rather than pads. The 3 Series also gets the TD-17-based upgrades, with the thinner CY-12C-T crashes (X2) and a CY-14R-T ride. As with the other VAD family upgrades, the VAD706 series cymbal/tom stands are now included too.

TD-17 & TD-27 module updates

Close-up of Roland TD-17 module

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Now, if you’re reading this as a current owner of a TD-17 or TD-27-based kit and quietly cursing, then slow down. Roland will be releasing version 2.0 software for both modules, for free, before the end of 2022 via its Roland Cloud manager.

The TD-17 has been upgraded with an additional 10 preset kits, plus a further 10 kits that were previously only available to VAD306 users have now been unlocked for universal use. 

As well as the new kits, there are 26 pre-loaded samples which are available for use within the preset and user kits. There’s upgrades to the effects section, with new Reverb and Kit Compression settings, alongside 11 additional MFX types for you to apply to your kits. 

Roland TD-27 module on a white background

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Roland has added 10 new kits to the TD-27, as well as ‘remastering’ three of the most popular kits from the original menu. The TD-27 also now includes 39 custom samples which are used within presets, and available for you to layer within your own kits. 

Further functionality is trickled-down from the TD-50X in the shape of layering options (crossfade and fade end point control), and the TD-27 can now apply its transient shaping to user samples - big news if you’re importing your own sounds to create custom kits.

The master compressor has also inherited a parallel mode, and Roland has added some additional user-friendly functions such as sub-instrument name display. Finally, the TD-27 will now become compatible with Roland’s Cloud kit content.


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