Podcasters and content creators rejoice! Amazon has slashed the price of Zoom's popular H5, H6 and H8 portable recorders

Podcasters and recording lovers rejoice - Amazon has slashed the price of the Zoom H5, H6, H8 and much more
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If Amazon’s October Prime Day sales event has you feeling a strange sense of Déjà Vu, don’t worry, someone hasn’t changed something in the Matrix, the online retail giant has just added an extra chance to save ahead of this year's Black Friday music deals arriving at the end of November. Now, while this sale sees discounts applied to various items, from TVs to microwaves, clothing to fragrances, we are more excited about the slew of podcasting and recording equipment on offer. Right now, Amazon has slashed the price of Zoom portable recorders, microphones and interfaces in their Prime Early Access sale. 

If you are at all interested in portable recording devices, be that for capturing foley sound effects in nature, recording interviews or even as a mobile sketch pad for song ideas, then you’ll know that Zoom is a leading force in this particular corner of the recording space, with some highly regarded audio interfaces, portable recorders and podcasting microphones in their extensive catalogue - and luckily for you, some of their most popular models are currently on sale.

Zoom Recording Gear: Big savings at Amazon

Zoom Recording Gear: Big savings at Amazon
Amazon is taking their scissors to a number of price tags over the next couple of days, and included is Zoom recording and podcasting equipment. From the mighty Zoom H8 to the beginner-friendly ZUM-2 mic pack, there is plenty on offer if you fancy recording at home. 

The insanely popular Zoom H5 4-track portable recorder has been cut from $337.99 to $239.99. This has been a go-to recorder for sound designers for years and right now, you can save $98! Now, if you aren’t out and about while recording, then perhaps the Zoom R20 multi-track tabletop recorder may be a better option for you, and right now, it is down to only $349.99.

Looking for a simple plug-and-play option for your killer new podcast idea? Well, you may want to take advantage of this stellar deal on the Zoom ZUM-2 podcast mic pack, which is down to only $99.99

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